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responsive Webpage - scrollbars

 It would be nice to have a responsive webpage for the swagger API model. Scrolling with the scrollbar is especially for long descriptions not really ideal and user friendly.

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Great suggestion, Jasmin.  Thanks!

A few questions, to clarify:

  1. Is it primarily the RepreZen HTML Documentation Format (The "Documentation" view tab) or the Swagger-UI that you'd like to see with a responsive layout? Or both of these?

  2. Is it mainly about the experience of working with these views in API Studio, or the experience of your users, viewing the generated API docs in a narrow browser window or mobile device?

A couple of features I wanted to make sure you were aware of, in case they are of interest to you:

  • The Documentation view, by default, should auto-scroll to the selected definition in the Swagger-OpenAPI editor, as described here:


  • API Studio now includes a GenTemplate for Swagger-UI.  This creates a self-contained HTML page with an embedded Swagger-UI control, initialized with your OpenAPI model.  Use the New GenTarget command in the toolbar, code generation menu or dashboard, and choose Swagger-UI as the GenTemplate to try this out. 

Neither of these address the requirement for a responsive layout that works on small screens, but they might give you some of the improved documentation experience you're looking for inside the IDE, or on your API documentation portal.



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