RepreZen Updating to Eclipse Oxygen on Java 8, 9 and 10

What's Changing?

Heads up!  There are two important platform changes coming to the next release of RepreZen API Studio, targeted for release by the end of August:
  1. RepreZen API Studio will upgrade its target platform from Eclipse Mars.2 to Eclipse Oxygen. 
    This is a significant change that introduces new IDE features, incorporates numerous bug fixes, and allows RepreZen API Studio to install and run in newer distributions of the Eclipse IDE. It also affects compatibility with older Eclipse distributions.
  2. RepreZen API Studio will now run on 64-bit Java 8, 9, and 10. 
    This is great news for users who want to run recent releases of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK). You no longer have to run API Studio on Java 8.

Which API Studio versions are affected?

RepreZen API Studio releases starting with 1.6.9 will be on the new Eclipse Oxygen platform, and will run on 64-bit Java 8, 9 and 10.
Release 1.6.8 and earlier releases are on the earlier Mars.2 platform, and run on 64-bit Java 8 only.

Will API Studio Desktop self-update in the usual way?

If you're running API Studio Desktop, you'll see a notification of available upgrades when you first launch API Studio. You can also use Help > Check for Updates to check for a new release. The update should proceed normally, updating all of the required components.

What about API Studio for Eclipse?

It depends on your Eclipse version.
If you have installed API Studio for Eclipse into an Eclipse Oxygen or Photon IDE distribution, the self-update should work smoothly.
If you are running on an earlier Eclipse release (Neon or Mars), we do not recommend that you use the self-update option. The new API Studio releases are not thoroughly tested in these installation scenarios, and will only be supported on Eclipse Oxygen and later releases.

How will I know when the new release is available?

RepreZen will send an email announcement to current customers and recently registered trial users as soon as the release is available. 
You can also use Help > Check for Updates at any time check for a new release.

What new IDE features are available in Eclipse Oxygen? 

Eclipse Neon, and later Oxygen, introduced numerous improvements.  Here are just a few: 
  • Improved support for high-DPI displays
  • Word wrap in text editors
  • Commands and shortcuts to zoom in text editors
  • Automatic Save of dirty editors
  • Improved file compare editor view
  • Simplified filters dialog for Problems, Bookmarks, and Tasks views
  • Option to copy your preferences during workspace switch
See the New and Noteworthy pages for Neon and Oxygen for details.

Why not retarget to the latest Eclipse Photon platform? 

If we built API Studio on the Eclipse Photon platform, it would not be compatible with Oxygen distributions. Some Eclipse users are still using Oxygen, and some may may be using plug-ins that are incompatible with Photon, preventing an easy upgrade path. 
That's why we build new API Studio releases to run on at least two recent generations of the Eclipse platform. 

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