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Couldn't see code-gen targets for Node.JS, Java and Python

Hello there,

I couldn't see all the available code generators in API studio.  I use Open API 3 spec and only see the generation target of KaiZen normalizer, RepreZen diagram, HTML docs, Swagger UI v3.

I am looking at the below and it shows more, I am especially interested in client and server codes for Node.JS, Java and Python.

Can you please guide me.  Am I missing something?

Hello, can someone help me here, on why I don't see code gen for few languages as they are mentioned in the KB and videos

Hi Jay, 

Sorry that I didn't see your question until now! I have adjusted the moderation and notification settings on our community forums, so I should be notified immediately next time. As a subscriber, you can also open a support ticket for a direct line of communication to the RepreZen team.

I believe the issue you're encountering is due to a compatibility problem with Java 9 that we just recently discovered. I would recommend using one of the following Java versions, in order of preference:

  1. Java 8 - Still the stable release that Oracle's website offers by default.
  2. Java 10 - A newer release that does not exhibit the missing GenTemplates issue you reported, and does not require special configuration.
  3. Java 11 - Newest release of Java, introduces some complexity with Eclipse configuration, described here.

You'll find instructions here to reconfigure API Studio to run with a specific version of Java. If it's helpful, we can do this together over a screenshare. Please feel free to get in touch directly. 

Ted Epstein |   |       skype:ted.epstein

Hi Ted,

Thank you, it solved my problem and I got the nodejs server code.  However, due to an issue with openapi-generator, the generated code is not working.  Might need to update the code manually to make this work.

Thanks for your help.

 I am glad to read it.

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