In rare cases, you may see an error like this one in the live Diagram, Documentation or Swagger-UI view:

Rendering Error:  There was a problem in rendering, and the view may not reflect the current state of your model.

Rendering errors indicate a bug - either a failure of the editor to detect and report a problem with the API spec, or a failure of the live view to present a valid API spec.

To help us diagnose the rendering error and provide a fix, please do the following:

1. Please verify that you're running the latest release of RepreZen API Studio.

  • In Help > About RepreZen API Studio, you should see a Build ID.  You can check Release Notes to see if there is a more recent version available.
  • If you're running an earlier version, run Help > Check for Updates and click through to update your RepreZen installation.

2. If the rendering error persists with the latest release of API Studio, please open a support ticket.

  • The easiest way for RepreZen to diagnose this is to look at your project.  If you can attach the model source files to your support request, we'll have a look right away.
  • If you cannot send the source files, please attach your application log file so we can see what's happening inside API Studio.