To diagnose and provide a fix for a problem in API Studio, RepreZen Support may ask you to send the application error log.  
The instructions here provide two ways to access the error log. 

Exporting the Error Log From the Application

If API Studio is installed and running, this is the most reliable way to access the error log.

  1. In the Quick Access edit box, type "Error Log", and you should see a drop-down results list.  Click the Error Log View.
  2. With the error log open, click the Export Log button.  Specify a name and location for the error log, and send it to RepreZen support.
  3. Close the error log when you're finished, as leaving it open may cause it to re-appear the next time an error or warning is logged.

Finding the Error Log in the Filesystem

The error log is the file named .log, from the .metadata folder under your workspace folder.

  • In  API Studio Desktop:
    • If you accepted the default workspace location, this will be:
      ~/RepreZen workspace/.metadata/.log
      ... or, using the Windows environment variable:
      %USERPROFILE%/RepreZen workspace/.metadata/.log

    • If you are using a different workspace, you'll see your workspace path in the title bar:
      Youll find the .metadata/.log file under that folder.

  • In API Studio for Eclipse:
    • Find the workspace path in the title bar as shown above, or in the File > Switch Workspace submenu:
    • Youll find the .metadata/.log file under that folder.