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If you want to use an existing project in a new installation of RepreZen API Studio, you first need to import the project into the workspace.  Here are the steps:

  1. Use the File > Switch Workspace command to change your workspace to the parent folder that contains your project folder. You can also choose a folder more than one level up in the hierarchy, as long as it contains your project folder as a direct or indirect subfolder.

    After switching workspaced, API Studio will restart.  If the folder you chose was previously used as a workspace, you may already see one or more projects in the Project Explorer view.

    If you don't see your project in the Project Explorer, proceed to the next steps.

  2. After the restart, select the File > Import... command and choose Existing Projects into Workspace from the General category.


  3. Click Next to display the Import dialog, the click Browse...  


  4. In the Browse for Folder dialog, click OK.  This will scan the workspace folder and all of its subfolders to find projects that you can import.

  5. Make sure the project you want to import is checked in the Projects list, and click Finish.