December 30, 2016 Release Notes

Build #

New Features

  • Now supports NSwag GenTemplates for C# Web API and TypeScript (Windows-Only).

  • Added support for inheritance in RAPID-ML data structures (Beta)


  • Detailed reporting at the end of batch code generation shows which GenTargets succeeded or failed.

  • Upgraded Swagger-Parser to v1.0.23

  • Improvements to RAPID-ML->Swagger GenTemplate: 

    • No longer includes empty parameters collection

    • Generates correct schemas for message realizations that use 'this' keyword 

    • Corrected and simplified CollectionResource JSON schema representation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mishandling of quoted strings whose values look like non-strings (e.g. "null", "123", or "true"), causing a Rendering Error in live views, and exceptions from code generation.