February 23, 2017

Build #

New Features

  • New Live Documentation View for Swagger:

    • Synchronized view auto-scrolls to the object selected in the editor.

    • New Go-to-Definition link widgets allow navigation from the documentation view to resources and methods in the editor. ¬†This is multi-file aware, so it can navigate to a method within an externally referenced path item.

  • New preference settings to allow $ref properties in security schemes and security requirements.
    Such references are not allowed by Swagger 2.0, but are useful in creating reusable security configurations.

  • New code generation and multi-file videos included in the Dashboard

  • New automated installer on all platforms
    improves UX and correctly handles JRE requirements.

  • New code generation toolbar design:

    • Drop-down menu allows creating a new GenTarget, or running existing GenTargets.

    • Allows running any GenTarget or group from a component file, or any file that does not have associated GenTargets.¬†


  • Swagger-Normalizer now correctly processes references to single-element file, having only a single object (schema definition, parameter, response, or path item).

  • UTF-8 is now the default content type for Swagger on all platforms, allowing better handling of international characters.

  • API Studio now installs with a standard MacOS application layout, so it can be launched directly from the Applications folder.

  • Swagger-Normalizer GenTemplate now outputs Swagger spec in JSON, YAML, or (default) both.

  • Failed code generation now automatically attempts to force-update the local Maven repository, addressing the most common cause of code gen failures.

  • Maven dependencies for GenTargets now capped at next major version, so no change is required on a minor release.

  • RAPID-ML-to-Swagger GenTemplate: multi-valued reference properties now generate separate items schema.

  • Added responses component file and additional comments in Uber Multi-File Swagger example.

  • New Swagger-Normalizer options to control ordering of objects in RepreZen HTML Documentation GenTemplate.

Bug Fixes

  • Swagger editor now correctly handles explicit null as a property value.

  • New installer fixes fuzzy rendering of API Studio on a MacOS Retina display, when launched from the old installer.

  • Fixed erroneous removal of update sites following a self-update operation in the standalone (RCP) application.

  • More reliable display of videos on dashboards, with graceful degradation if firewall prevents display.

  • Fixed "expected <block end>, but found BlockMappingStart" error on attempt to generate from a Swagger specs that has an indentation on the top line.

  • Removed unnecessary license check, which delayed display of wizards.

  • Fixed error on rename refactoring in RAPID-ML editor