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If you have an existing OpenAPI 2.0 or 3.x document in YAML format, you can import it into RepreZen API Studio for editing, testing and code generation. 

Since API Studio is an Eclipse-based environment, the OpenAPI spec has to be imported into a RepreZen API Project within the active Workspace. Follow the steps below to see how this works.

Please Note:

Creating a RepreZen API Project

You'll find commands to create a project in several places:

  • In the Dashboard (Welcome Tab)
  • In the Dashboard (Active Tab)
  • In the Toolbar
  • In the File menu

This will show the New Project Wizard. Name your project, and click Finish.

Showing the Project Explorer

Click the Restore button to show the Project Explorer. 

You'll see the default project structure, including the models folder. This is the preferred location for OpenAPI and RAPID-ML API specification files. 

Importing the OpenAPI Document

To import an OpenAPI document, you can drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste, or use the File Import command to get the OpenAPI file into the models folder of the project.

Importing with Drag-and-Drop

Using File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS), drag the file you want to import into the models folder of the project inside API studio, or the underlying models folder in the filesystem.

If you chose to copy the file using the filesystem, you need to refresh the folder in API Studio. Do this by selecting the folder in API Studio and pressing the refresh key (F5 on Windows), or right-clicking on the project in Project Explorer, and clicking the Refresh command.

If you chose to copy the file by dropping it into the folder inside API Studio, you may be asked whether you want to copy or link the file. Choose an option based on your needs. Copy is usually a safe choice.

Importing with Copy and Paste

  1. Use the toolbar button, menu command, or dashboard link to create a new Swagger v2 OpenAPI v3 document in the models folder of your project. Since you'll be pasting an existing OpenAPI description into the editor, you can choose "No Content" as the initial content.
  2. Paste the content into the editor, and save the file.

Importing with the File Import Command

  1. In Project Explorer, select the models folder in the project you want to use.
  2. From the File menu, choose Import...
  3. Open the General folder and choose File System.
  4. Navigate to the folder containing the OpenAPI YAML file you want to import, choose the file, and click Finish.

Once the file is imported to the models folder, you can open it from the Project explorer for editing, testing and code generation.