March 27, 2017


New Features

  • New Swagger-UI GenTemplate lets you configure and generate an HTML file that displays your API description in Swagger-UI.
    • This HTML file doesn't require a server, and is suitable for easy deployment to any filesystem, webserver, or development portal.
    • Includes a configuration option for swagger-ui-themes, so you can skin Swagger-UI to suit your taste, and match your brand.

  • Updated to swagger-codegen 2.2.2, with 4 new API client generators, 5 new server stub generators, and more than 500 enhancements and bug fixes.  New GenTemplates include:
    • Bash API client
    • Elixir API client
    • JAX-RS CXF API client
    • Swift 3 API client
    • Erlang server
    • Java MSF4J server
    • JAX-RS CDI server
    • JAX-RS RestEasy server (Jboss EAP)
    • PHP Zend Expressive server

  • Support x-example / x-examples in Swagger specs. 


  • Updated license agreement.
  • Added options to Swagger-Normalizer GenTemplate to remove vendor extension data inserted to apply ordering.
  • Hide the 'Open File…' action in the RepreZen perspective, which can result in a non-working Swagger editor.
    (See Importing a YAML Swagger Spec into API Studio.) 
  • RepreZen API Studio no longer prompts for workspace location on startup.
  • Window title now shows the workspace location.
  • Updated platform to swagger-core 1.5.12, swagger-parser 1.0.25, SnakeYAML 1.15

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed type-ahead behavior in content assist for references.
  • Mock service: fixed 404 error on path with trailing slash.
  • Fixed blank Swagger-UI displaying on Swagger spec with invalid JSON example embedded as a string.