Status: Resolved

This issue has been fixed in RepreZen API Studio 1.6.9 and later releases, by upgrading the target platform to Eclipse Oxygen. If you are expreiencing this issue, we recommend that you install the latest release of RepreZen API Studio. See the announcement for further details.

Problem: Icons and UI text are too small on a high-DPI display.

RepreZen API Studio is built on the Eclipse platform, and installs in two different ways:

  • API Studio Desktop installs as a standalone desktop application on Windows, MacOS or Linux.

  • API Studio for Eclipse installs into an Eclipse IDE distribution, allowing you to use RepreZen's API design, documentation and development features in your primary Eclipse development environment.

If you install the standalone RCP distribution on a Windows display with a high-resolution display, some elements of the UI may not automatically adapt to the higher pixel density, and will appear too small.  

Solutions: Update RepreZen API Studio to version 1.6.9 or later. 

This is the recommended solution.  Use Help > Check for Updates to detect and install the latest available release of RepreZen API Studio. 

Solution: Install from Eclipse Marketplace into an Eclipse IDE Distribution.

If you need to use a release of RepreZen API Studio prior to 1.6.9, or you want to manage the IDE independently of the API Studio release, you have the option of installing  API Studio for Eclipse.  We recommend installing an Eclipse Oxygen or later IDE distribution, and installing API Studio from the Eclipse Marketplace. This should provide a usable installation, with normal icon and UI text size.

See RepreZen API Studio Installation Options for instructions to install API Studio for Eclipse.


API Studio releases prior to 1.6.9 used the Eclipse Mars.2 platform, so these releases are compatible with Mars.2 and later releases. But the standalone RCP distribution was restricted to Mars.2, which doesn't scale properly to high-DPI displays on Windows.

Eclipse added support for high-DPI displays in Neon and later releases releases. API Studio 1.6.9 and later releases have upgraded to the Eclipse Oxygen release, which includes the improvements for high-DPI displays.