We are really excited to announce that RepreZen API Studio now supports OpenAPI v3. Here are some feature highlights:


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Content Assist

Content Assist

Quick Outline

Quick Outline




How do I create a new OpenAPI v3 spec?

If you're using RepreZen API Studio...

Click the Toolbar button to create a new OpenAPI 3.0 spec.

If you're using KaiZen OpenAPI Editor...

Use the OpenAPI v3 Spec wizard from the KaiZen OpenAPI Editor category:


What's next for OpenAPI 3.0 Support in RepreZen API Studio?

RepreZen API Studio now has complete support for OpenAPI 3.0 in the editor and the three live views: Documentation, Diagram and Swagger UI 3.0 view, as well as code generators for all three of those.

In the near future, we'll be providing these additional OpenAPI 3.0 features:

  • Swagger Normalizer support for OpenAPI 3.0 documents, to consolidate and simplify multi-file projects into a single OpenAPI 3.0 document.

  • Complete Code generation, pending availability of a new Swagger-Codegen release with OpenAPI 3.0 support.

  • Mock Service support for OpenAPI 3.0, pending "Try it out" button support for OpenAPI 3.0 in Swagger UI.

The essential Swagger open source libraries are still catching up, and in particular there's very limited support for code generation right now.  RepreZen is, in most respects, in lock-step with the open source community in supporting OpenAPI, or ahead of the curve.

The editor for Swagger v2 uses an underlying JSON Schema. There's no official JSON Schema for OpenAPI v3, so what are you using?

We use a modification of the JSON Schema provided by googleapis/gnostic. Thanks to @timburks and @MikeRalphson for the contribution!