August 31, 2017


New Features

  • Support for OpenAPI 3.0 courtesy of KaiZen OpenAPI Editor and Parser. Works with the final OpenAPI 3.0.0 specification, including:
    • Thorough on-the-fly validation for OpenAPI 3.0 documents.
    • Content assist with a comprehensive catalog of OpenAPI 3.0 code templates.
    • Documentation and Diagram live views.
    • Code generation templates for Documentation, Diagram and Swagger UI v3.
    • Range of OpenAPI 3 Example Projects available.

  • New Swagger UI v3 live view with modern look & feel, better responsive layout, improved navigation & styling. The Swagger-UI v2 live view is still available, and can be used side-by-side with the new v3 view. See this FAQ article for more information.

  • Generate Swagger UI v2 and v3 HTML Pages for convenient, interactive documentation in a configurable, self-contained HTML page. 
    • Swagger UI v2 GenTemplate works with Swagger-OpenAPI 2.0 specs, includes color themes, JSON editor plugin & optional user settings menu. 
    • Swagger UI v3 GenTemplate works with OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0 specs.

  • Now compatible with Eclipse Oxygen, the latest release of the Eclipse IDE. Improved compatibility with Eclipse Neon, Mars.2, and popular Eclipse plug-ins. See the support article to learn more about installation into the Eclipse IDE.  

  • New Node.js Server GenTemplate for RAPID-ML, with optional database mappings directly to your domain model.
  • New RAPID-ML Features:
    • Markdown support in documentation comments, using the CommonMark standard.
    • Added config option so you can specify output filenames in RAPID-ML .gen files.
    • New 'version' attribute on resourceAPI element.


  • RAPID-ML improvements:
    • Required RAPID-ML parameters are now required in generated Swagger/OpenAPI.
    • Autocomplete for multi-line comment now allows extra * for documentation comment.
    • Different colors now used for code comments vs. documentation comments. 

Bug Fixes

  • KaiZen OpenAPI Editor: numerous bug fixes that have improved stability, on-the-fly validation and content assist.

  • RepreZen HTML Documentation GenTemplate: hyperlinks in navigation sidebar now work correctly.