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RepreZen API Studio is highly configurable, with fine-grained control over fonts, colors and display options. In this article, we'll describe some of the available settings, and how to configure them in your API Studio distribution. 

Applying RepreZen's Default Settings in API Studio for Eclipse

RepreZen API Studio is available through two different installation options:  

  • API Studio Desktop installs as a standalone desktop application on Windows, MacOS or Linux.

  • API Studio for Eclipse installs into an Eclipse IDE distribution, allowing you to use RepreZen's API design, documentation and development features in your primary Eclipse development environment. 

API Studio Desktop comes pre-configured with recommended fonts, colors and block highlighting for an optimal out-of-box editing experience. These factory settings are also generally well-suited for use with the Eclipse Java Development Toolkit and popular plug-ins that come with API Studio Desktop. 

API Studio for Eclipse does not make any changes to your fonts and colors, because these are shared by other languages and tools in your Eclipse environment. We recommend that you try setting up your environment with RepreZen's factory colors and block highlighting.  If you don't like them, you can always revert to your previous settings.

Configuring the Color Theme

API Studio includes the Eclipse Color Theme plug-in, with support for pre-defined and custom color themes. 

You'll find this setting in Eclipse Preferences > General > Appearance > Color Theme. API Studio uses a variant of the Inkpot color theme.

Configuring Block Highlighting

API Studio also includes a customized version of the EditBox plug-in. EditBox shades the background of rectangular regions in the editor, based on the indent level of text in that region. 

Note: API Studio includes pre-defined Dark and Light EditBox themes to match the background color of your editor. If you're working with the default Inkpot Eclipse Color Theme (see above) or another dark-background theme, be sure to use the Dark theme in EditBox. If you're using a color theme with a light background, you'll want the Light EditBox theme. If this is set incorrectly, some text may be unreadable in your editor.