September 18, 2017


OpenAPI 3.0 Support

  • Example Projects for OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0 renamedAll OpenAPI example projects now have either a '(v2)' or '(v3)' suffix to prevent name clashes in the workspace.
  • New OpenAPI v3 spec command added to the API Studio Dashboard.
  • Schema type labels in Diagram Live View shortened for elements defined in externally referenced files.
  • OpenAPI v3 specs can now be created directly from the top 'New..' menu.
  • Hyperlink navigation on path items with parameters. Ctrl+click (Command+click on Mac) on path items with parameters will navigate to the path parameter definition.
  • Live Diagram view can be created for OpenAPI v3 specs. We also added a Diagram GenTarget for OAS3 models.

RAPID-ML Improvements

  • Experimental support for specification extensions enabled. Extension elements are used to provide information which cannot be described with standard RAPID-ML constructs, e.g. annotations for JSON Schema Faker. Extensions are key/value pairs.
  • Swagger-OpenAPI 2.0 GenTemplates now use folded multi-line strings for doc comments, for improved source readability.
  • Improved JSON Schema import. JSON schema validation has been relaxed. The importer no longer requires '$schema' and 'definitions'. Schema import is more robust and flexible.
  • Swagger Normalizer is restored (after a short holiday) to the list of available GenTemplates.
  • Bug Fix: Reference properties in RAPID-ML structures now appear correctly in inheriting structures.

Bug Fixes

  • New Model Wizard now offers all compatible GenTemplates.
  • Swagger-UI v3 GenTemplate now handles multi-file OpenAPI v2 models.
  • RAPID-ML editor no longer reports errors of the 'extensions' keyword is used.