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Eclipse has a versatile Tasks View that you can configure to show tasks embedded in your project.

You can insert comments into your code that include task tags like TODO or FIXME. These can be configured to create task markers in your source code, and the Tasks View can present a consolidated view of all of these task items in your workspace.  

So, even if you don't choose to integrate with an issue tracker or ALM tool, you still have a handy, lightweight task tracker built right into API Studio.

The RAPID-ML and Swagger-OpenAPI Editors handle task comments differently, so you'll need to make some changes if you want to see them together. 

Opening the Tasks View

You can open the Tasks view from the Quick Access Toolbar, like this:

Or choose Window > Show View > Other... and choose the the Tasks View from the General category. 

Showing Tasks in Swagger-OpenAPI Documents

KaiZen OpenAPI Editor, based on YEdit, is the core editing component for your Swagger-OpenAPI v2 and v3 documents. By default, it will create task markers for TODO and FIXME task tags.  You can configure these settings in Window > Preferences > YEdit Preferences > Task Tag Preferences

By default, the Tasks View will show all tasks in your project, regardless of what's selected.  If you want more control. over this, you can configure the tasks view to show these tasks for the file currently being edited, or the selected element and its children in Project Explorer:

  1. In the Tasks View, click the drop-down menu and select Configure Contents...

  2. Uncheck the Show All Items checkbox.  

  3. Click the New button to create a new task view configuration.

  4. Click Rename to rename your configuration to "Tasks" (or any other name you like), and select set the options as shown:

    NOTE: YEdit pre-processes task comments to remove the task tags. The built-in "TODO" configuration filters tasks to show only those containing TODO.  Be sure to remove that filter in your view configuration, so you can see all of your tasks.

    NOTE: Apparently there are some circumstances where task markers will not appear in the editor, nor in the Task View, until the OpenAPI document is edited and saved. The issue is noted here, and we hope to resolve it.  In the meantime, if you don't see task markers corresponding to your TODO comments, try making a small edit and saving the document. 

Showing Tasks in RAPID-ML Models

The RAPID-ML follows the settings in Window > Editors > General >Editors > Task Tags.

Working with the defaults, you can use any of these task tags in RAPID-ML comments, and see them in the Tasks View.  In the Task View's Configure Contents dialog, be sure you've selected Xtext Task in your configuration: