Our Support Commitment

RepreZen provides support for product installation and activation, and for all essential, built-in features and functions of RepreZen API Studio software. We provide this support to licensed users during the subscription term at no additional cost. For users evaluating a free trial of RepreZen API Studio, we will provide support on a discretionary, "best-effort" basis during the trial period.

We strive for excellence in product support. Achieving excellence means providing fast, thorough, thoughtful support that gets you back to full productivity as quickly as possible. While RepreZen's standard support does not include a guaranteed service level, we generally respond to new support requests within 1-2 business hours, and resolve most issues within 2 business days. RepreZen's normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm USA Eastern Time, excluding holidays.

What's not covered? 

Advanced Solutions

Powerful IDE for API-first design, documentation and development.

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RepreZen API Studio software is itself a software development tool, and as such includes features intended for use by experienced and knowledgeable programmers. Standard Support does not include support for extensions, customizations, integrations, and solutions beyond the built-in functionality of API Studio. Some examples include:

  • Development of custom code generators, or modification of included code generators
  • Integrated execution of built-in or custom code generators from external automated software build scripts, continuous integration or continuous delivery systems
  • Development of API implementations using scaffolding code produced by built-in or custom code generators.
  • Development or configuration of developer portals using API documentation artifacts produced by built-in or custom generators.
  • Customization of code templates used by editors in RepreZen API Studio.
  • Configuration, troubleshooting, or adaptation of Swagger UI, Swagger Codegen, or other open source components for advanced use cases that are not directly provided by RepreZen API Studio.

These are all examples of advanced solutions that you can build with API Studio, and we encourage you to try them out. Just be aware that our standard support policy will only cover discretionary, limited support for advanced solutions like these.

Third-Party Components

RepreZen API Studio provides access to third-party code generation libraries including Swagger Codegen, OpenAPI Generator, and others. It also provides Swagger UI as a live view and a GenTemplate. RepreZen does not own or control these open source projects, and cannot guarantee resolution of issues originating in these components. If RepreZen determines that a support issue is caused by a defect or design flaw in one of these third-party components, you may be advised to report the issue to the maintainers of these open source projects.

Older Releases and Beta Features

Standard support is generally limited to the current software release, and RepreZen API Studio provides automated updates to keep your installations current. Support for older releases and for features flagged as "beta" will be provided on a discretionary, best-effort basis.

Is premium support available?

Yes! If you need support for advanced solutions like the ones described above (or others), here are a some options to consider:

Enterprise Support Plans

RepreZen will provide comprehensive coverage for your entire team under an Enterprise Support Plan. Advantages of these plans include:

  • Priority Support with a guaranteed SLA.
  • Expedited Incidents for time-critical support, allocated by plan year. 
  • Advanced Solutions Support for custom code generation, CI/CD and devops integration, API implementation help, extensions, customizations, and other solutions beyond the built-in functionality of API Studio.
  • Dedicated Release Channel for fast turnaround of hotfixes, experimental enhancements, or preview features that are not yet available through the GA release channel.
  • Real-Time Support via phone or web Conference

Contact RepreZen Sales to discuss your enterprise support requirements and learn more.

Professional Services

Many of our customers have requirements that go beyond a packaged software solution. Our professional services team has deep experience in enterprise IT, and a diverse skill set across several industries. We can provide a range of services, including:

  • Expert API strategy and architecture
  • Microservices architecture and SOA programs
  • APIs designed, documented and delivered, end-to-end
  • Digital transformation and legacy renovation
  • API governance, standardization and collaboration
  • API tool chain customization and devops integration

Depending on your needs, engagement models can include advisory services, training, program oversight, project outsourcing, and/or staff augmentation.

Contact the RepreZen team directly to learn more.