January 7, 2018


OpenAPI Support

  • New Features

    • Swagger UI v3 GenTemplate now includes all supported parameters in the .gen configuration file.
  • Improvements
    • Content assist now corrects the case of type-ahead keywords on choosing the result from the suggestion list. 

  • Bug Fixes

    • Removed stray x-reprezen-normalization response element appearing in the Documentation View on OpenAPI 3.0 specs.
    • Fixed Documentation View rendering error on OAS3 documents without expected examples. 

RAPID-ML Support

  • New Features
    • referenceLink and referenceEmbed now work with inherited reference properties, the same as with reference properties declared on the subtype bound to the resource or message context.
    • Experimental support for new readOnly and key qualifiers on primitive property declarations.  In a later release, the readOnly qualifier will translate directly to the property of the same name in OpenAPI 2.0, using the RAPID-XChange GenTemplates; and key properties may be used in new realization features, TBA.
    • Improved handling of multi-valued references in RAPID-XChange Contract GenTemplate. Multi-valued properties can now be expressed as a list of links to an objectResource.
  • Improvements
    • Quick outline view now holds its size and position in the RAPID-ML editor. Note that you have to enable the Remember Size and Remember Position options in the Quick Outline drop-down menu, as shown here.  
    • linkDescriptor names are preserved unmodified in the Swagger (RAPID-XChange Contract) code generator, affording a greater level of control over schema naming in the generated Swagger-OpenAPI 2.0 contract.
    • Updated code templates and examples to use application/json as the preferred media type.
    • Improved code templates for URL template parameters and message parameters to account for variations: explicitly typed vs. property-bound; required vs. optional; data type; and location.
    • Reuse link schemas in RAPID-XChange Contract GenTemplate, for more efficient translation of RAPID-ML models to OpenAPI.
    • Inline references to default object realizations in RAPID-XChange Contract GenTemplate, for more efficient translation of RAPID-ML models to OpenAPI.
    • Provided working default values for RAPID-ML > NodeJS GenTemplate, and fixed NPE. 
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed failure to resolve transitive imports in RAPID-ML models.
    • Fixed failure to resolve parameters bound to properties having user-defined simpleTypes in RAPID-ML > Swagger (RAPID-XChange Contract) GenTemplate.
    • Corrected placement of inverse keyword in RAPID-ML content assist.
    • Corrected import resolution in RAPID-ML, so it always interprets relative paths according to filesystem structure, not Eclipse workspace structure. Also added more detailed reporting of import path resolution failures.
    • Fixed missing inherited properties in imported data structures.
    • Fixed spurious error messages on RAPID-ML import statements and external examples. 


  • Improvements
    • Updated Swagger-UI v3 live view and GenTemplate to use Swagger-UI Swagger v 3.4.4 release.
    • Better performance and memory efficiency of live documentation, diagram and Swagger-UI views, with improved responsiveness on very large API specifications.  Also resolves out of memory conditions encountered on large OpenAPI specs.
    • Improved diff/compare view so changed regions are easier to see.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Removed update site for JetBrains TeamCity plugin, which recently started displaying a login dialog on startup.
    • Refresh live views after license activation via Help menu, so live views display properly without the "license activation required" error message.