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In some cases, RepreZen may convert a trial license key to a paid license, or may process a subscription renewal by extending the expiration date on your existing license.

To update the expiration date on your installation, RepreZen support may delete or modify activation records in the license management system, and ask you to re-activate as follows:

  1. Close any running instances of Eclipse and RepreZen API Studio.

  2. Open the folder containing the license file.

    License File Name:

    MacOS or Linux
       ~ (user home directory)
    License File Name:

  3. Rename the license file in that folder to reprezen.lic.bak, or another name.

  4. Run RepreZen API Studio. When the license activation dialog appears, paste in the license key provided to you.  You should see a message indicating that the license has been activated successfully. 

  5. Click Help > RepreZen Help > License Information, and check the expiration date.  It should show the correct expiration date for your license subscription.