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RepreZen API Studio 1.6.9 and later releases are built on the Eclipse Oxygen platform, so in most cases it will run on Oxygen or later distributions of Eclipse IDE.

We follow recommended practices for Eclipse plug-in development to avoid conflicts with other plug-ins. We cannot guarantee that API Studio is compatible with every possible combination of Eclipse versions, platforms and plug-ins, because there are many ways for these other components to create or expose dependency conflicts. Eclipse plug-ins also change very frequently, so we sometimes need to revisit compatibility with new versions of popular plug-ins.

How to Report a Compatibility Issue

We always want to know if you're encountering a compatibility problem, so please open a support ticket if API Studio doesn't seem to be compatible with your Eclipse environment. These fixes can take time, so in the meantime we recommend that you use API Studio for Eclipse in a clean IDE installation, without other plug-ins; or use API Studio Desktop, our self-contained Eclipse RCP distribution.

To help us diagnose the issue, please do the following:

  1. Run File > Export > Install > Installed Software Items to File.

  2. Attach that file to a support ticket, along with a description of the problem, steps to reproduce the problem, and screenshots showing any error messages or unexpected behavior.

Compatibility with Specialized Eclipse Distributions

As we gather new information about compatibility with specialized Eclipse-based products (known as Eclipse RCP applications), we will update this section. 

Like RepreZen API Studio, many of these products are also available as plug-ins on the Eclipse Marketplace. So there are often three possible ways to install API Studio and a third-party Eclipse-based solution in the same IDE:

  1. Third-Party RCP Install
    Install the third-party RCP application, and add API Studio for Eclipse from the Marketplace.

  2. API Studio Desktop Install
    Install API Studio Desktop (our self-contained RCP application), and add the third-party solution from the Eclipse Marketplace.

  3. Eclipse IDE Install
    Install a standard Eclipse distribution, and add both RepreZen API Studio and the third-party solution from the Eclipse Marketplace.

Spring Tools Suite 

(Last updated Jan 31, 20190

API Studio installs and runs in STS 3.95 without issue. 

STS 4.x is not compatible with RepreZen API Studio due to an Xtext dependency conflict. 

Zend Studio

(Last updated Apr 10, 2018)

Zend Studio is an Eclipse-based IDE for PHP development. 

We have confirmed that Third-Party RCP Install option works with Zend Studio 13.6.1 and RepreZen API Studio 1.6.1.