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Occasionally, in the course of resolving a support ticket or discussing an evolving feature, RepreZen may offer an option to try interim builds that have not been completely tested and released for general availability.  

You can do this by installing API Studio Desktop, or updating API Studio for Eclipse, from a Release Channel that RepreZen has set up for pre-release builds. The Daily channel contains daily pre-release builds from RepreZen's private code repository. This document briefly describes release channels, and covers some important practices and conventions for use of the Daily channel. 

Installers, Update Sites, and Maven Repository

There are three sources of software that factor into use of RepreZen API Studio:

  • Installers: Programs that install RepreZen API Studio as a stand-alone application, available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux

  • Update Site: Java .jar files and other files, organized in a folder structure that supports on-the-fly upgrading of RepreZen API Studio to newer versions, as well as installation of the product in an existing Eclipse installation (an alternative to standalone installation).

  • Maven Repository: Provides Java .jar files that are needed for Code Generation, including generation from within API Studio as well externally, using the Apache Maven tool or Gradle.

Each release channel includes specialized instances of each these sources. The name of this channel is incorporated in all of them and distinguishes them from their counterparts in other channels. 

Standard Release channels

The following table contains details of the GA and Daily channel locations.

Caution:  The Daily channel contains code that has not been completely tested. New features in these builds may be changed or removed before being released in the GA channel. We recommend that you back up your workspace before using the Daily channel, and we recommend using this channel only for short-term experimentation, troubleshooting, and testing of new features in the context of discussions with the RepreZen team.

GA Channel

The General Availability Channel, or GA Channel, is the one installed by default from the RepreZen website, Eclipse Marketplace, and other sources. This contains stable, tested code that has been released to all RepreZen users.

Update Site
Maven Repository

Daily Channel

The Daily channel contains daily builds of the master branch in RepreZen's private code repository. 

Update Site
Maven Repository

Getting Started With the Daily Channel

If you have not yet installed RepreZen API Studio:

This is the easiest scenario. You should visit the Daily Channel installer location listed above, scroll down to the highest release number listed, and click through to find installers for the various platforms. Download and launch the installer corresponding to your platform:

  • Windows: reprezen-win64-setup.exe
  • MacOS: reprezen-macos-setup.dmg
  • Linux: reprezen-linux64-setup.run

From this starting point, you should be ready to use the Daily release channel without any further special considerations.

If you have already installed RepreZen API Studio:

This is a bit more complicated, but after going through the process described here, you should be all set for ongoing work. As an alternative to this procedure, you can uninstall your current installation and then follow the instructions above. However, if you have created any projects and want to continue using those projects with the Daily channel, you’ll need to adjust the projects’ pom.xml files as described below under “Configuring Existing Projects.” Any new projects you create after installing or upgrading to the Daily channel will be configured correctly.

Upgrade your software

Whether you have installed RepreZen API Studio using the standalone installer or as a plug-in in an existing Eclipse installation, you can use the following procedure to switch to the latest version of the product on the Daily channel.

  1. Launch RepreZen API Studio (or Eclipse).

  2. Invoke Help > Install New Software… from the menu.

  3. Click on the “Available Software Sites” link in the dialog that opens:

  4. In the resulting dialog, if there is a “RepreZen Update Site” with an http: URL, remove it.

  5. Then edit the “RepreZen Update Site” with an https: URL so that it addresses the Daily update site, using the URL from the table above:

    (Note: In screen shots, where you see “xxx” you should use "daily" instead.)

  6. Click OK until you’re back to the initial dialog, titled Install.

  7. Select RepreZen Update Site from the Work with: drop-down menu, then after pause as the site is accessed, check all offered products:

  8. Click Next and then follow instructions.

  9. You may see an “Installation Remediation Page” right after clicking Next, with an indication that existing components will be upgraded or downgraded. The goal is to end up with the same version of all RepreZen components, and for that version to be the current version in the Daily release channel. If you have any doubts, please contact us. Otherwise, you can click Next in this dialog page to continue the process.

  10. You may see a warning about installing unsigned content. It is generally safe to continue; there are a few external libraries on which RepreZen API Studio depends but are distributed without code signatures. Our own software should be signed. You can click on the Details button, if this happens, to see exactly what is unsigned, and contact us if you have any questions.

  11. Eventually, you will be asked to restart RepreZen API Studio. Click Yes to make that happen.

  12. When the software restarts, you can use Help > About RepreZen API Studio to see the “Build Channel” and product version you are now using.

Configuring Existing Projects

If you have existing projects that you created with a GA release, those projects will not be configured to use the Daily release channel.They will continue to retrieve Maven artifacts for GenTemplate execution from the GA repository, and you may find that expected features, bug fixes, and even entire GenTemplates are missing.

Reconfiguration is achieved by modifying the contents of files named pom.xml that appear at the top level in your project folders. 

You can open each file in an editor by double-clicking on it in the Project Explorer:

The file will open in a specialized editor, and the first change you need to make can most easily be made in the initial panel presented by this editor. In the Properties section you should double-click on the RepreZen Version item and then change the value to “[1.0,2.0)” as shown here:

The other change you need to make must be made using the pom.xml tab at the bottom of the editor. This will show you the entire file in a normal text editor.

Near the bottom of the file, you’ll find a section named repositories, with a single repository element contained within it. Two values in that repository element need to be altered to read as follows:

(You should use “daily” where you see “xxx” in this screenshot.)

When you’ve completed these changes, you should save and close the editor.

Once you have made these changes for all your existing projects, you will be set up to use the Daily release channel in those projects.

Note: If there are projects that are not currently in your workspace (e.g. projects you have saved to an SCM system), you may wish to update those projects as well, to avoid confusion if you later import them into your workspace.

Continuing to Work With the Daily Release Channel

There is nothing special you will need to do after initialling taking the steps listed above, as you continue to work with your projects. From time to time you may be notified that an upgrade is available, and generally, we would recommend that you accept the offer to install the upgrade.

Switching Back to the GA Channel

When you're ready to switch back to the GA release channel for your continued use of RepreZen API Studio, you can follow the same procedure as just detailed for starting with the Daily channel. But all changes will be reversed:

  • When you use Help > Install New Software… you should type the location of the GA update site, rather than the Daily channel update site: https://products.reprezen.com/reprezen/udpates/release

  • When you modify the pom.xml files in your projects, you should make the repository element look like this: