May 3, 2018


Improved RAPID-ML Documentation Format

The RAPID-ML Documentation GenTemplate and live view now have the following fixes and improvements:

  • Added new title attribute to RAPID-ML models, including rapidModel, resourceAPI, and dataModel. If specified, the title will be used as the model heading in the main content area and TOC navigation. Otherwise, the model name will be used.
  • Long model names now use an ellipsis overflow style in the TOC, so they won't overlap the main content area.
  • TOC navigation pane now scrolls independently from the main content area, allowing navigation through large APIs and data models.
  • TOC shows title or unqualified name of imported models, instead of the fully-qualified name (FQN). The FQN is now visible in the blue model header in the main content area.
  • Fix for duplicate anchor names on imported model objects, causing TOC links to go to the wrong object.

More Flexible Generation of XML Schema from RAPID-ML

The XML Schema (XSD) GenTemplate for RAPID-ML has a number of new options.  To see these, create a new XML Schema GenTarget for your RAPID-ML model, and inspect the properties and comments in the .GEN file.

  • Allows primitive single-valued properties to be represented as XML elements or attributes.
  • Allows multi-valued property elements to be assigned a static name, or a name derived from the source property.
  • Use <xs:all> groups instead of <xs:sequence> to allow property elements in any order.
  • More intuitive type naming, with an improved algorithm for uniqueness of same-named types.

Other RAPID-ML Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • RAPID-ML JSON Schema GenTemplate now produces formatted output.
  • RAPID-ML: Fixed references to imported structures with inverse properties.
  • RAPID-ML: Fixed failure to execute WADL GenTemplate

Other General Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • New model dialogs for RAPID-ML, Swagger-OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0 models allow the creation of models in any project folder; they no longer require models to go into the standard /models folder.

  • Fixed "Unexpected URLConnection defaultUseCaches enabled" errors, visible in console output on startup.

  • Added explicit type: object property value to Schema Objects in OpenAPI 3.0 examples, to avoid the "missing type" validation warning.
  • Removed introductory message from Swagger-UI v3 view.