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RepreZen API Studio is available through two different installation options:  
  • API Studio Desktop installs as a standalone desktop application on Windows, MacOS or Linux.
  • API Studio for Eclipse installs into an Eclipse IDE distribution, allowing you to use RepreZen's API design, documentation and development features in your primary Eclipse development environment. 

See Installation Options for more information.

If you have installed API Studio for Eclipse and want to completely remove RepreZen features from your Eclipse IDE, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Activate a perspective other than the RepreZen perspective. 
  2. Go to Help > About Eclipse...
  3. Click Installation Details...
  4. Make sure the Installed Software tab is active, and remove each of the following components that may appear in the list: 
    • KaiZen-OpenAPI -Editor
    • RepreZen API Studio
    • SwagEdit integration for RepreZen API Studio
    • YEdit YAML Editor

      Hint: You can use Ctrl+click on Windows, or ⌘-click on Mac, to select all of these components, then click the button to uninstall all of them at once.

  5. After removing the last component, restart Eclipse to complete the process.