May 23, 2018


Subscription Verification Fix

This release fixes a bug with activation and startup verification of subscription licenses. Previous releases of API Studio may show a message like one of these on an attempt to activate a new subscription license: 

Active subscription licenses may show a message like this on startup, or on an attempt to use a feature that requires a license check:

Users of API Studio for Eclipse can cancel out of the dialog, run Help > Check for updates to install the latest release, and restart Eclipse. 

Users of API Studio Desktop will need to perform some extra steps to complete the update: 

  1. Close any running instance of API Studio Desktop.

  2. Open the folder containing the license file:
        Windows:   %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\RepreZen
        MacOS:      ~/.reprezen.lic

  3. If the folder exists and contains a reprezen.lic file, rename it to reprezen.lic.bak, or another name.

  4. Start RepreZen API Studio.

  5. In the License Activation dialog, activate the free 15-day trial.

    If the free trial has already been activated and has expired, open a support ticket to request a temporary license key that does not require a subscription verification. Then select Activate a new or existing license key, enter or paste the temporary key into the dialog, and click Finish to activate it.
  6. Run Help > Check for updates to install the latest release. API Studio will restart at the end of the update.

  7. Click Help > RepreZen Help > License Information, click Change key..., and activate your subscription license key.