July 17, 2018


General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • GenTemplate UI Fix: Icons should have transparent background
    GenTemplate icons should now display with a transparent background on Windows. They still have an opaque white background on MacOS and Linux, due to an apparent SWT bug.

  • GenTemplate UI Fix: provider filter popup has insufficient height on Windows with scale > 100%
    The GenTemplate provider popup height is now recalculated correctly before display.

  • GenTemplate UI Fix: New Generation Target Wizard should better validate source model paths
    The GenTemplate chooser UI is now disabled until the user has chosen a valid, identifiable source model.

  • GenTemplate UI Fix: NPE when clicking on GenTemplate or Provider¬†
    This release fixes NullPointerExceptions that may occur in the GenTemplate chooser UI.

OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Swagger-Normalizer Fix: Swagger Parameter and Response references are always inlined
    Normalizer now correctly follows the INLINE setting in the .gen configuration file.

  • Swagger-Normalizer Fix: Silent failure on incorrect URL in ADDITIONAL_FILES array
    Swagger-Normalizer now fails with an informative error message if ADDITIONAL_FILES contains an invalid relative or absolute URL; or if the referenced file cannot be parsed as an OpenAPI v2 document.

  • Swagger-Normalizer Fix: NPE caused by special characters in ADDITIONAL_FILES PATH
    Swagger-Normalizer now correctly handles spaces, parentheses, and other special characters in ADDITIONAL_FILES paths.

  • Swagger-Normalizer Improvement: Clarify INLINE, RETAIN, and ADDITIONAL_FILES comments
    Newly created Swagger-Normalizer GenTargets now have improved documentation comments in the .gen configuration file.

  • OpenAPI 3.0 default GenTemplates
    Newly created OpenAPI 3.0 source documents and examples now have a set of factory-default GenTargets, using the new OpenAPI-Generator GenTemplates.  If you modify the factory default GenTarget list before creating the OpenAPI 3.0 document, the modified list of GenTargets becomes the new default, overriding the factory settings.

RAPID-ML Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • RXC GenTemplate: Required properties in reference treatment should be required in generated schema
    The Swagger RAPID-XChange Contract GenTemplate should now ensure that properties required in the source realizations are also required in the generated Swagger schema objects.