November 20, 2018



NEW FEATURES: GenFlow, Maven Central, and OpenAPI v3 Mock Service

  • Open and extensible framework for API Code Generation
    Starting with the 1.6.13 release of API Studio, RepreZen's best-in-class code generation capabilities are repackaged as GenFlow, soon to be announced as an open source project on GitHub.
    Learn More: 
    GenFlow: An Open Framework for API Code Generationexternal link icon 
  • All GenFlow dependencies available on Maven Central
    The GenFlow framework, GenTemplates, and their dependencies are hosted entirely on Maven Central, so GenFlow enabled projects no longer need access to RepreZen's Maven repository at
  • Mock Service works with OpenAPI v3
    With this release, the Mock Service feature now works with all three supported API description languages: OpenAPI v2 (Swagger), OpenAPI v3, and RAPID-ML.

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved diagram ordering and icons for request messages, fixed diagram view showing request bodies as "(empty request)"
  • Updated Mock Service to use the latest WireMock version 2.19.0 
  • Extracted RAPID-ML core language definition, parser, and generated Java classes to separate project.
  • Fixed failure to enable toolbar Generate button on startup
  • GenTemplate selector: leave refresh, filter and search controls enabled to ensure there is always a way to refresh

RAPID-ML Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed RAPID-XChange Contract generator to remove extraneous responseSchema properties
  • Fixed NPE in RAPID-ML Documentation GenTemplate