PLATFORM UPDATE: Support for Java 11 and Eclipse 2018-09

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Automated update of pre-GenFlow projects to GenFlow format
    Now you can easily update older projects to the new, recommended format, which works with the GenFlow code generation framework. Project update options are available in the Project Explorer context menu, the New GenTarget Wizard, and the New API Wizards for OpenAPI v2 (Swagger), OpenAPI v3, and RAPID-ML.
    Learn More: 
    GenFlow: An Open Framework for API Code Generationexternal link icon 
  • Optimize workflow for renewal of manual subscription licenses
    If the license check an expired license, API Studio will now automatically attempt to re-activate using the stored license key. If the expired subscription has been renewed, the license check will succeed without user intervention.
  • Added description to RepreZen perspective
  • Fix Null Pointer Exception when importing a Swagger document to RAPID-ML
  • Fix toolbar Generator button failure to activate at startup
  • Create new GenTargets using parent POM coordinates taken dynamically from the project POM