Yes! Here's a quick rundown of Swagger and OpenAPI features in RepreZen API Studio:

  • Best-in-class editing support for Swagger, now the OpenAPI 2.0 Specification, including complete support for large, multi-file projects.
  • Complete editing support for the new OpenAPI 3.0 Specification. For an up-to-date description of OpenAPI 3.0 support in API Studio, see the related FAQ.
  • Live views and configurable generators for Swagger UI 2.0 and 3.0 interactive documentation formats. 
  • Complete support for the Swagger-Codegen open source project, with over 70 generators for API implementation scaffolding, client libraries, documentation and interchange formats. 

For an closer look at the powerful Swagger and OpenAPI features in RepreZen API Studio, see the video playlist on YouTube

RepreZen API Studio: Using Swagger and OpenAPI

API Studio also supports RAPID-ML as a primary API modeling language, and provides a code generator to convert RAPID-ML models to Swagger–OpenAPI 2.0.  From the generated OpenAPI specification, you have full access to code generators and other integrations from the OpenAPI ecosystem.