New Features

New Swagger-Codegen Parameters and YAML GenTarget Configuration

  • Swagger-Codegen parameters are now provided as separate properties for easy editing.
  • GenTargets now use YAML format for configuration (.gen files).  
  • Parameter descriptions are now provided as YAML comments instead of a description string property.


This change is backward-compatible with the previous JSON format, so existing GenTargets will still work correctly. But we recommend that you delete and re-create your GenTargets to take advantage of the new YAML format and parameter options.

RAPID-ML Models Can Use Swagger-Codegen

  1. Generate a Swagger GenTarget from the RAPID model.
  2. Select the generated YAML Swagger spec, click the New GenTarget button the toolbar, and click through to create the secondary GenTarget.
  3. Run the secondary GenTarget to generate the selected Swagger-Codegen output.

Added Eclpse Mylyn Option for Issue Tracker and ALM Integrations

Added option to install continuous integration plugins for integrated build management

New Code Template Contexts in Swagger Editor

  • Code templates are predefined or custom code snippets, with optional variables, available in code assist to apply common coding patterns and speed repetitive tasks.
    For a quick overview, see the Video: Editing Swagger-OpenAPI in RepreZen API Studio
  • It is now possible to define code templates that work in the root context, Path Items, Parameters, Responses, Schemas, and Security Definitions.  If you define a template in one of these contexts, the editor will suggest the template only when the insertion point is in the appropriate context.
  • Look for a complete catalog of Swagger code templates in the next release of API Studio!

Block Highlighting for Light and Dark Color Themes

  • Change color themes in Preferences / General / Appearance / Color Theme
  • Choose a matching theme for block highlighting in Preferences / EditBox.  On the Categories tab, the pre-configured Dark or Light EditBox themes work well with most Color Themes, and apply globally to all file types.
  • See the Video: Editing Swagger-OpenAPI in RepreZen API Studio

New license management model

  • Trial licenses are now 15 days, with extension licenses available upon request.
  • Trial licenses are version-specific, so users with an expired trial license can still run a free trial of a later major or minor version.
  • Paid license keys are now version-agnostic.  A paid license will work with any version.


  • Changed code assist icons in RAPID-ML to be consistent with Swagger editor.
  • Corrected and updated swagger icons
  • Updated to Swagger-UI 2.1.4
  • Improved state management of Code Generation drop-down menu.  Responds more intuitively to show available GenTargets for the active editor or selected folder.
  • Improved formatting of JSON and XML returned from Mock Service.  These now display as expected in Swagger-UI.
  • Code assist for $ref now uses unqualified key for schema objects in the definitions section.
  • Rewrote diagram layout for improved speed and stability
  • Adjusted template expansion highlighting for better contrast and readability
  • Disabled Ctrl+Shift+F key binding for code formatting in Swagger editor, which does not preserve YAML comments.
  • Improved user interface for license activation

Bug Fixes

  • New license activations are back-dated 1 hour to avoid to avoid "License Invalid" errors due to clock synchronization errors.
  • Name and Parent Folder options in New GenTarget dialog now work as expected.
  • Instructions to rebuild Maven repository now show in Problems View.
  • Mock service now responds correctly to requests using query and header parameters.
  • Mock service works with Swagger specs that specify https scheme
  • Removed non-working Eclipse Kepler install option from automated installer.