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RepreZen API Studio is built on the Eclipse open source platform, and supports a task-focused development UI with Eclipse Mylyn.  For an overview of task-focused UI concepts and Mylyn capabilities, see the Getting Started page for Mylyn.

Task-Focused UI with Github Issues

The Mylyn connector for GitHub connector is already a part of RepreZen.  There is no need to install anything new, just configure it and enjoy. 

  1. Choose Show View ► Other... in the Window menu, and open the Task Repositories view listed in the Mylyn group.

  2. Right-click on the Local node and choose Add Task Repository:

  3. Follow the instructions in the dialog. In this example, I chose to connect to a public GitHub Issues repository https://github.com/RepreZen/SwagEdit/:

Creating a Task List

To create a Query populate the Task List  you can follow the steps below. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions in the Mylyn GitHub Connector User Guide

  1. Select your GitHub node in the Task Repository, chose New Query:

  2. Enter the query parameters:

  3. Open the Task List view by choosing Show View Other... in the Window menu, and selecting the Task List view listed in the Mylyn group. You will see the task from your Query there:

Integrating with Atlassian Jira

Atlassian Jira is another popular issue tracking and agile management tool supported by the Eclipse Mylyn Architecture. There are two choices for integrating Mylyn task views:

  1. Atlassian Connector for Eclipse is an open-source, full-featured mylyn connector that allows you to search, inspect, edit, and use Jira issues for task-focused development. Atlassian has discontinued support for the Eclipse Connector, but the community has maintained it, and the connector works with current releases of Jira cloud and on-premises server installations. Documentation site here.

  2. Jira Connector for TaskTop, included in the Tasktop Dev product, available on Eclipse Marketplace.  Tasktop is a commercial solution for ALM toolchain integration, built on the Mylyn architecture. It includes connectors for Jira and other popular connectors. 

Once you have installed and configured either of these solutions, you can create task lists and start working on tasks in the same manner as described above with GitHub issues.