May 14, 2016 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Upgrade to Swagger-Codegen 2.1.6

  • New project wizard for custom code generation

  • Support execution of custom SCG modules

  • New documentation site at

  • New custom code template contexts in Swagger editor

  • Beta support for installation on Linux

  • Markdown support in live Documentation View for Swagger

  • New Dashboard view with videos, frequently used functions and recent files.

  • New RAPID-ML Plugin for Ready! API


  • Improved validation in Swagger editor

  • Upgrade to Eclipse Mars platform, with improved performance, stability, and plugin support

  • Diagram layout improvements

  • Improved resolution of icons on Mac.

Bug Fixes

  • Non-Swagger YAML files should open in YEdit, not be validated as Swagger files

  • Disable YEdit auto-format, to prevent accidental removal of YAML comments

  • InvalidThreadAccess exception on opening RepreZen with an existing Swagger model

  • GenTarget execution dialog with malformed gen file always reports success

  • Regex constraint using raw string literal causes RAPID > Swagger code gen to fail