July 27, 2016 Release Notes

New Features

  • Code assist for External references

  • Upgrade to Swagger Codegen 2.2.0


  • Dashboard view should remember which tab is active

  • Create TOC for Documentation GenTemplate output

Bug Fixes

  • Batch changes produced by YEdit save for immediate refresh of live views on error state change

  • Invalid JSON Example shown at top level as "object has missing required properties"

  • Fix content assist for references under definitions.

  • Fix null pointer exception in content assist when document is empty.

  • Failure to detect broken references due to case-sensitivity

  • Validate Swagger spec on open or project initialization

  • Add LiveView diagnostic debug output

  • Fix merging of SCG module info to correct missing settings from .gen file

  • Guard PegDown invocation to avoid exception message dialog

  • RAPID-ML to Swagger: doc comments should preserve whitespace for Markdown

  • Examples Wizard scrolled to bottom when opened from Dashboard

  • Fix race condition likely at startup

  • Non-RCP mode: Example projects: GenTarget are not created by default

  • RAPID-ML to Swagger GenTemplate: Allow empty requests

  • Renaming model file results in no GenTemplates in add GenTarget dialog

  • Fixed uncaught BadReferenceException in SwaggerDoc

  • Fix regression: Linked mode for Live Views stopped working