August 15, 2016 Release Notes

Build #

New Features

  • New Quick Outline View in Swagger Editor

  • Generate diagrams for Swagger models with the new Diagram GenTemplate 

  • Allow option for "minimal" new model in new model wizard (Swagger + RAPID-ML) 

  • Create Normalized Swagger GenTemplate


  • Remove unwanted indentation in documentation examples 

  • Remove diagnostic console output 

  • Refresh live views on Swagger error state changes 

  • Improved parser in Swagger Editor

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with rendering allOf models 

  • Handle errors with gentemplate dependencies 

  • Ignore duplicate params in SCG modules 

  • Delay outputitem config in gentemplates 

  • Fix issues with response presentation in Swagger Doc 

  • Fix swaggerdoc re additionalProperties 

  • Show a better error message if a selected model is invalid 

  • Fix rendering of object properties in swagger doc 

  • fix test failures cause by a new selection algo

  • Empty swagger model (with text) does not show an error in SwagEdit

  • NullPointerException if a reference has a space following the "#"