September 7, 2016 Release Notes

Build #

New Features

  • Option in Swagger-UI view allows form input for object-typed request parameters

  • YAML alias support in Swagger-Normalizer and SwagEdit


  • Warning instead of Error on curly braces in path item references

  • Update Site: Change feature names from "Design Workbench" to "Studio"

  • New maven repo strategy with separate repos for Dev, Daily & Release builds

  • Prune stale artifacts from daily and dev repo for faster Maven sync

  • Generate command warns on syntax errors

  • EditBox block highlighting enabled by default

  • Introduce a Left Column to the Dashboard's Welcome View

  • Improved, unified presentation of documentation properties in live Documentation view

Bug Fixes

  • Eliminate program freeze when editing RAPID-ML models

  • Strange error markers when machine is offline

  • NPE when the Outline is closed