September 27, 2016 Release Notes

Build #

New Features

  • Self-Updating: Automatically download new releases, offer to update on application start


  • QuickOutline filtering is now case-insensitive, for faster navigation

  • Offer to switch to RepreZen perspective after creating a RepreZen Project, Swagger Spec, RAPID Model or GenTarget

  • New Resources section in Dashboard Active mode

  • Simplified Help menu, consolidated into RepreZen Help submenu

  • Purged obsolete builds from update site for faster product updates, corrected and unified product name shown in update dialog

  • Dashboard auto-open behavior now applies only in RepreZen perspective

Bug Fixes

  • SwagEdit shows "Unable to Dereference URI" error on Swagger Schema

  • Reset RepreZen perspective should match default application settings

  • Dashboard shown when closing API Studio, not shown on restart