December 9, 2016 Release Notes 

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New Features

  • Swagger Normalizer now supports ADDITIONAL_FILES to include subtype schemas (using allOf) and other objects that may not be reachable through top-down reference traversal. See Swagger Normalizer documentation to learn more. 
  • New multi-file quick-outline view in Swagger editor: 
    • Press ctrl+o to invoke quick outline view.
    • Press repeatedly to cycle through file, project and workspace scopes.
    • Type to filter the outline
  • Improved code assist in Swagger Editor:
    • Added description pane to Swagger code assist.
    • Added full type-ahead support to Swagger code assist.
    • Code assist now provides a list of available media types.
  • New Swagger editor validations:
    • Now shows an error on missing 'type' property in schema objects.
    • Array schema without items schema, disallowed by Swagger, now shown as a validation error.
  • Generate multiple selected GenTargets 
    • ctrl+click to select multiple GenTarget folders or .gen configuration files
    • Select "Generate selected GenTargets" from the right-click context menu.


  • Improved code gen performance
  • Improve Error view logging for GenTargets 
    • If all gentargets execute successfully and warning-free, no entry is added
    • If any gentarget failed or produced errors, a MultiStatus containing all the status entries for all individual gentagets (including those that finished successfully) is added.
    • The top-level entry no longer says "executed successfully" if warnings were produced; it says "executed with warnings"
  • Offer link to terms in license info dialog

  • Improved compatibility with other Eclipse plug-ins, when installed into standard Eclipse IDE distribution.

  • Updated license agreement and privacy policy
  • Updated Quick Reference Card with Swagger multi-file features 
  • Improved property name formatting in Swagger HTML documentation format.  These now appear as bold for required properties, italic for optional properties.
  • upgrade jsoneditor version (addresses Swagger-UI view breakage on references from body parameter schema to array schema).
  • Swagger editor now supports navigation to externally defined parameters.

Bug Fixes

  • Upgrade to v1.0.23 of swagger-parser (fixes duplicate parameters)
  • Invoke SwaggerParse with resolve=true (fixes Swagger-Codegen failures by inlining local references)
  • Use minimal normalizer options for Swagger-Codegen, ensures that Swagger-UI displays the appropriate security requirements.
  • Fixed normalizer to properly promote security definitions 
  • Fixed Cursor/Caret intermittently disappearing from editor 
  • Fixed window size/positioning issues with onboarding dialogs
  • Fixed the maven repo in pom.xml generated by the New GenTemplate wizard (addresses empty GenTemplates drop-down in new GenTarget wizard)
  • Replaced blocked URL redirects in dashboard

  • Fixed swaggerdoc normalizer options (addresses failure to render Documentation and Swagger-UI)
  • Fixed NPE with null base url in normalizer in Generator

  • Fixed interference with mouse input caused by auto-opened Dashboard 

  • Fixed translation of RAPID-ML enums to Swagger

    • String enums with no string values could produce empty strings in Swagger enum definition
    • Integer enums produced integer swagger types with string-valued enum constraint values, which were unsatisfiable.
  • Fixed Swagger Spec pasted into editor shows spurious warnings until saved